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Types of Pearls

Pearl is an organic gem created by a living organism. Because of this, every pearl is unique and depending on many factors such as the type of mollusc and surrounding natural elements, many unusual shapes and colors are created.

South Sea Pearls
The largest and most valuable pearls in the world produced predominantly in the waters off Northern Australia.

South Sea Baroque
Irregularly shaped South Sea Pearls.

Mabe or Blister Pearls
Produced by a process of glueing molded shapes onto the actual shell of the mollusc. The shape is layered with nacre and later processed.

South Sea Black
Natural colors cover a wide range from light grey to greenish black and are produced mainly in parts of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

South Sea Golden Pearls
Display rich gold coloring and are the rarest of all South Sea Pearls.

The classic round white pearl historically produced around the islands of Japan but increasingly being cultivated in China.

South Sea Keshi
These irregular shaped pearls are formed accidentally after an oyster rejects a nucleus in the cultured pearl process.

Freshwater Pearls
The most common of all pearls, grown in mussells found in lakes and rivers.

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