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Pearl Information

[ image ]Fine Australian South Sea cultivated pearls command the highest price of all cultured pearls because of their exceptional beauty, rarity and longevity.

Exceptional beauty of the Australian South Sea Pearl begins with the unique geographical environment of the Northern Australia coast with it's pristine environmental conditions. Also innovative systems developed by Australian researchers in using mainly 'wild' oysters have ensured Australian South Sea Pearls generally have a much thicker nacre coating and a deeper lustre than other cultured pearls.

[ image ]Production of the smaller Akoya cultured pearl is over 100 times greater than that of the Australian South Sea Pearl, whilst production of freshwater cultured pearl is estimated to be thousands of times greater. Because of limited success in commercial hatcheries for the Australian oyster it is highly unlikely that the Australian South Sea Pearl will ever be mass produced on the same scale as other cultivated pearls.

[ image ]Finally, the Australian South Sea Pearl industry has discouraged the use of artificial treatments and enhancements which impact negatively on the durability and longevity of the pearl.

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