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Together with parent company Colonial Opal, Colonial South Sea Pearl has a long and awarded history in the Australian gem industry. As proprietors, we have used this expertise to offer you a range of Australian Pink and coloured diamonds par excellence in loose gem and exquisite 18kt yellow or white gold and platinum. With this comes years of experience, staff to serve you best to match your needs, and the ability to arrange a viewing for you of any gem you desire that we do not carry on our premises within 24 hours.

Also, any one of our master jewellers are available 7 days a week to discuss the manufacture of a piece to your personal specifications.

Coloured Australian Diamonds

Created by the master hand of Mother Nature, coloured Australian diamonds are among the most treasured and valued of all Earth's gems.
Their value is inherent in their rarity, and the most sought after gems of all are the Australian Pink diamonds. These beautifully coloured treasures are the rarest of all diamonds. And that is, simply, the best reason to own one - or more!

The name Argyle has become synonymous with quality coloured diamonds in Australia. It is both the brand name and the name of the diamond mine in the remote Kimberly region of north-west Australia. Mining at Argyle began in 1985 and the operation has since become one of the world's largest diamond producers. Of the mine's total annual production of 25 million carats, the supply of pinks numbers only in the thousands of carats.

Pink Diamonds

Pink DiamondThe pink diamond is the world's most rare and valuable diamond.
The Argyle mine in North Western Australia is the world's foremost source of intense pink diamonds, producing 95% of the world's supply. However, an extremely small proportion of Argyle Diamonds production is Pink colour, in fact less than one tenth of 1% is classified Pink.

The legend of Argyle pink diamond has grown over the past ten years. At the 1989 Christie's auction in New York a 3.14 carat Argyle pink sold for $1,510,000. Privately, Argyle has sold pink diamonds for up to $1 million a carat.

Pink Champagne Diamonds

Pink Champagne Diamonds

Attractive champagne diamonds with secondary pink colour are also available and command a higher price per carat than champagne diamonds. These stones display slight to bold flashes of pink in their fire.

Argyle Pink Champagne Diamonds are available in three ranges of shades, from light pink champagne to medium and dark pink champagne.

As pink is one of the rarest colours found in diamonds, even secondary colours demand a higher price depending on depth and strength of colour.

Champagne Diamonds

Champagne Diamond

Champagne diamonds are naturally coloured diamonds that are produced in a wide range of colours from light straw to rich cognac.

The 4C's of colour, cut, clarity and carat weight apply to coloured diamonds just as they do to colourless diamonds except the intensity of colour, not lack of it, plays a greater part in the valuation.

Argyle Diamonds created the following scale specifically for champagne diamonds. The diamonds are graded on a C1-C7 colour scale. C1 and C2 represent light champagne, C3 and C4 medium champagne, and C5 and C6 dark champagne. The fancy cognac diamond is graded C7.

Other Coloured Diamonds

    Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamonds: Fancy yellow diamonds come in a broad range of shades ranging from light yellow to a rich canary colour. A limited quantity of fancy yellow diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.
  • Blue Diamonds: Fancy blue diamonds are available in a wide range of shades, from the blue of the sky to a more "steely" colour than sapphire. Limited quantities of fancy blue diamonds are recovered from the Argyle mine.
  • Green Diamond
  • Green Diamonds: Fancy green diamonds are also available. Usually, penetration of the colour is not very deep and is often removed during the fashioning of the stone. A limited quantity of fancy green diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.


As for diamonds generally, the value characteristics of Pink Diamonds are

a) Cut b) Colour c) Clarity d) Carat

Price is dictated by the concentration of colour in the diamond.
An intense pink diamond - a purple pink - can be worth up to six to forty times an equivalent size white diamond. Together with black opal, they are the world's most valuable gems.


Pink diamonds are graded according to a select colour scale - Pink Champagne (the pink is the lesser colour, the champagne is dominant) - Brown Pink (the pink is predominant) and finally, Primary or Purple Pink.

Pink Champagne Brown
Primary Or
Purple Pink
And Cognac
PC1: Pale Fawn Pink
PC2: Definite Fawn Pink
PC3: Deep Fawn Pink
BP1: Pale Pink Tinges with Brown
BP2: Mid Pink Tinges with Brown
BP3: Strong Pink Tinges with Brown
PP1: Very Deep Rose Pink
PP2: Deep Rose Pink
PP3: Strong Rose Pink
PP4/5: Best Commercial Area - Clear Pink
PP6: Light Pink
PP7: Very Light Pink
PP8: Very Pale Pink
C1: Very Pale Brown /Champange
C4: Mid Brown
C7: Dark Chocolate Brown/ Cognac

Diamond Colour Scale

D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Fancy
Colorless Near Colorless Faint Yellow Very Light Yellow Light Yellow


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